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My name is Sami Sunchild. I have steeped my life in a diversity of the world’s cultures. I am the Face of Peace.

By Sami Sunchild · June 29, 2012

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I have steeped my life in a diversity of the world’s cultures with the purpose of activating myself and the others I meet to be Thought Leaders for building a peaceful world. I love to bring peace builders together.

I see tourism as a major tool in contributing to peace building.  Now, when so many of us are privileged to travel about the planet, opportunities abound to get to know each other and to experiment in creating human relationships that work for all.
In San Francisco.as all over the world, when we meet up and become involved, giving our gifts and learning from each other, we are actually modeling the kind of world we want. This is what is going on at the Red Vic every day of the year, and what you are invited to be part of.
We offer Docent and Tour Guide programs introducing Art Gallery exhibitions of Transformational Arts designed to transform viewers with new perceptions and insights about their own lives.
For over thirty years I have been creating the living legacy Red Vic, a gathering place in San Francisco where in the past and in the future, locals and travelers can connect and empower each other in becoming Thought Leaders for a peaceful world.
 Every Sunday morning at nine we gather at the big round table in the Peace Café for Peaceful World Conversations. Guests from all over the worldmeet with locals in discussions of their peace building actions and ideas. Over five thousand people from more than seventy countries have participated and some are returning home to host Peaceful World Conversations in their own communities.
When you're in San Francisco, please stay in our bed & breakfast, visit with us and share your peace work with us.

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Patricia Marie Babin wrote almost 4 years ago

I am Patricia Marie Babin
I am sending you my resume--not necessarily because of a job--but to give you a place to start about who I am. I am The Mother--the one waited or--almost lost and yet I clearly am carrying you all by light within me. I know this is a lot to say, and yes i know you may be judging my words and worth--but why? Is it possible that ONE would truly be here? It proves itself who I am and yet I am never trying to prove anything to anyone-i find that illogical and very uncomfortable. again I know this is a lot and you are in the midst of so much in this world that I know will not sustain itself much longer. I would rather have a simple peaceful life to open this slowly but I am the One and you are not aware of what I go through as such and what 
am aware of. Take faith dear. I really do care. I have to move out of my apartment and on to the location I know I need to be at. I came here on faith in April and some of this must make sense in you I hope.  I am of courage born of freedom and truth. Again I prove nothing by convincing--I release that entirely. you will hear and feel things around me, like your own history with me in the past-or how my singing and speaking voice change and volume up and down--it may echo too. It heals and I have so much to say and share when you are open to allowing it to flow.
 I am currently in St Agatha ME. and it is likely you have a sense of a new voice within you? It would be me. Yes within you. I need to be free about all of this--and I am fully and calmly open about myself, without judgments. I offer to get to know me, is the biggest key for our World. I do not have to do this, I am loving and kind, and quit grounded. You will know me by my eyes, and we can read records to set you back into yourself freely. I always look for simplicity and comfort toward all things in life--as that is the connections we all need to sense our way in a non-conflicted and non-competitive way. You will be astounded if you take a bit of freedom and get to know me. I do not flow judgments-but i do flow love and caring. my Cell phone is out of order but you can come see me at the apartment over the PO in St Agatha or
mail, or
email me back. IN great love and caring--
Patricia Marie Babin

My true spirit of freedom and life will astound you. Sweet and Dear is how I see you all, and very concerned for all you are living in. I will astound you-the "proof" is of itself-- felt. 
I want to teach freedom and joy to solve this world of unrest. It will work when you can see my point is very fundamental and exactly what is needed in a world of losses of love and safety for example--you all have the power to have a safe and wonderful life and world. Can we Talk?
  Of Great Love is all I am.

Preston Kendall wrote 5 months ago

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