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Become a Planet Patriot! Share Peace Songs and Earth Songs!

By Harold Wood · February 03, 2013

Harold Wood is a Planet Patriot. Are you? <span>&copy;  </span>

Harold Wood is a Planet Patriot. Are you?

We must all today become Patriots for the Planet. Once it was enough to be a patriot of your cave or village. Then it became enough to be a citizen of a local region, a watershed, or a city-state. Then great empires were built, from the Roman Empire to the British Empire, which made for patriotism for the conquerors but did little for the self-esteem of the conquered!

As the Apollo photographs of the whole Earth planet showed us, it is time to broaden our sense of patriotism to encompass all humanity and even all of life itself.  To fulfill the dream of world peace, we need the inspiration of music. As union organizer Joe Hill said, "A pamphlet, no matter how good, is never read more than once. But a song is learned by heart and repeated over and over."

To help spread and share this perspective, I work on a website that lists Planet Patriot Earth Songs and Songs for World Peace

“Singing together helps us experience in the body our connection to each other and the planet, summons our collective courage, enlivens us and inspires us to play our part in creating a life-sustaining society.” - Gretchen Sleicher

Peace is only one part of what is required to learn to live on Earth in peace and harmony with our fellow human beings. At the same time, as Dr. Jane Goodall says, "To achieve global peace, we must not only stop fighting each other but also stop destroying the natural world."

Please visit my website and send me your suggestions for additional Songs for World Peace and Earth Songs that promote love and protection of the Earth:

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