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Tell your story as a Face of Peace! Tips...

By Matthew Albracht · July 06, 2011

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Please share your story as a Face of Peace. No matter how large or small your commitment to peace is -- whether you work as a peacebuilder in your community in a violence prevention program or organization or a practice or commitment for peace -- the more our stories are seen and heard, the more we will help create greater public understanding of what peace can look like. The path to creating a more peaceful world is paved with the unsung work and commitment of peacebuilders. Please be a part of showing the world what peace can look like so we can continue to grow our investment in the work and help spotlight peace practices.  You can also spotlight someone you know of, a favorite peacebuilder.  Write up a story and post it!

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 You will have to create a username and password, then you can write and post your story. Please also include a photo!

Faces of Peace Story Tips:

A good idea to keep the stories fairly brief, maybe 2 or 3 paragraphs highlighting who you are, what you do, what impact it makes, and other information about your work, commitment and practices and how it builds peace, whether in your own life or in the world.

Here is a sample story that would be a good template to use as far as length and content for the story: Of course, this is your story, and we do not want this to be a limit, only a guideline, feel free to say what you believe needs to be said about how you are the face of peace.

Also a nice idea to create a tag line to use so that can be an intro and draw people into your story better. Juan Pacheco's example: "My name is Juan Pacheco, I used to be a gang member, now I work with at risk youth, helping them transform their lives. I am the Face of Peace"

A good format could be. My name is [name], [this is the work/practice I do], [it has this impact], I am the Face of Peace.

Please also include any resources or links to your work/practice, to videos, anything you think a reader would enjoy and to learn more.

PHOTOS: Finally, we would love to have a good picture of you so that we can use your face in our project, here are the recommended specs:

It is preferable to send images in JPG format.Please be mindful of out washed out images, images where your face is darkened.The larger, and higher quality the image is, the better.

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DonJor Graigs wrote almost 8 years ago

"My work is life long journey, understanding myself, and a World, Unity1 World that God blessed me with to share life "Spiritual experiences, to help people transfer there lives into a World; Peace, Love, Respect, and Purity.

David Rothauser wrote over 3 years ago

My friend, Amy, posed a question, "How do we convince people oppressing people in any form is wrong and self-defeating?"
Hi Amy,
After reading your question, I tried to think of a short answer....compassion and love, but that's not the "how to convince people?"  How many volumes have been written about your question? Sermons preached? Demonstrations, sit-ins, teach-ins, plays written, poetry, music...?  My class on War and Peace at Newbury College asked Howard Zinn the same question. He said you have to find it in yourself. A good answer, but doesn't satisfy the bigger question you raise.  I think there's no rational answer. World leaders faced with nuclear holocaust of life on the planet, plod on making money, oblivious to the madness around them and within them. My own process was highly emotional. I grew up in an abusive family atmosphere, went into the army at 19, a more abusive atmosphere where I began to rebel emotionally, then I became abusive and violent. A summer working in Germany made me more aware of the beauty and preciousness of life. I began to change - became a peace activist - A Don Quixote fighting windmills - jump ahead many years when I discovered the Japanese peace constitution. What? A whole nation is living in peace for more than 60 years? No war? My dream come true! Peace is possible!  But practiced in Japan it is a daily activity that most Japanese don't even think about, they just live it - and now when its threatened they are fighting back with anguish, not anger. A wonderful youth movement is leading the charge. They are planning a whole new peace constitution in their own image, not as a result of a war, such as WWII. Are the Japanese different from the rest of us? How can they live with no bicycle locks, no road rage, no guns, virtually no homicide rate at about 11 per year?  Now the big question is, can we learn from the Japanese who embrace their constitution with love?  I think that love and compassion exists in every human, as it does in every animal.  How to tap into it say with the "Wolves of Wall Street" is another question....I really didn't want to go on like this, Amy, but you've inspired me. Thank you. Now its time for me to go to sleep.
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