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Keeping the Peace through individual transformation

By Patricia Guy · August 29, 2011

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     Through the generosity of the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, I have been practicing peace through individual transformation for 30 years.  I joined the Peacekeeper Mission in Boulder, Colorado, in 1981.  I was drawn by the opportunity to learn practical methods to transform my own thoughts, words and actions so that I could live in a peaceful home, community and world.  As a member of the Peackeeper Mission, I learned that my thoughts, words and actions ripple out into the world, and that if I wanted to live in a peaceful world, I needed to look at what causes I was putting into the stream.  In other words, if I wanted to experience peace in the world, I would need to change. 

     I joined the Peacekeeper community at Sunray Meditation Society in Huntington, Vermont, in 1983, where I learned to apply these teachings in the context of an intentional spiritual community.  I learned that agression and controlling behaviour is born out of thinking I am seperate from others, and I became willing to look at the ways in which I separated myself from others with my thoughts, words and actions.  I began to see how much effort it takes to hold myself separate, that this can be exhausting, and that there is greater ease in unity.  The Cherokee ceremonial cycles we observed at Sunray taught me about living in harmony with the natural cycles of the land and the world around me.  It was I who needed to get into rhythm with the Earth, not the world that needed to change to fit me.

    Upon returning to Texas in 1987, I began practicing these principles in each circle I found myself in.  I gained skillful means in community building through community action such as building community gardens while working at Austin Parks and Recreation Department.  I developed the ability to recognize the gifts and talents that each person brings to the table, and to encourage the co-creation and collaboration so necessary in community building projects. 

     Today I am engaged in multiple circles of community, and continue to walk the path that leads to greater unity.  My work today is visible on Applied-Connections.com.  To learn more about the Sunray Peacekeeper Mission and the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, visit www.sunray.org.

My name is Patricia Guy, and I am a face of peace.

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Patricia Guy wrote almost 8 years ago

I see that as a people we come together in compassion in times of great emergency and disaster. Now, let's bring our compassionate care to the pathways to unity that involve co-creation and collaboration. We don't need to keep creating disasters to come together as a people.
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