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Educational Series for the establishment of Sustainability Peace and Development in Nepal

By sunil k.c. · November 03, 2011

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I started Educational Series in Nepal since January 2011 , to spread the message of Peace all over the Nepal by Media ,which has been produced by "Youth Foundation Nepal" , a volunteer youth organization based in Nepal, where all members has been doing volunteer service since the establishment of org.I have been directing this programme, for making effective to establish sustainability of Peace in Nepal.More , than thirty f. m stations has been broadcasting this programme since the time and it has a great popular peace programe in Nepal.It emphasizes the people not to do violence, criminal work,learn morale education,enroll in creative work like wise.I am doing this work mainly focusing to the (1996-2006), a war between Maoist and Government of Nepal, to improve them and to do an agreement for a forever peace in Natural Nepal.Nepal has badly war affected country due to the lackof proper communication and due to the ignorance and ue to the problem of Fed,so it has dammaged many infrastuctures of Nepal in the time of 10 years war.

I am very inspired to be a peace builder because of this great problem, i memorise at the age of 10 years old i was badly hited by Soldiers near my home, that time i never forget in my life , so i inspired to do such peacefull work in Nepal.My mission is to be a beeter Nepal within 10 years by taking awareness programme in Nepal and to conect with many people in thwe world, and to do many seminars and workshops in Nepal for making people be positive always and make a commitment "No Conflict"-Welcome to all International Community , individual, educationalist, human right activist, and other people who have a keem interest towards peacefull Nepal.Help us for a conflict Resolution Campaign in Nepal.

I am the Founder/Exe-cutive Director of Youth Foundation Nepal and a song writer of Nepal and a Media worker of Nepal. please you can visit to me


Maoist has agreed upon returning to their soldiers in their own home according to the Nepalese Governments Package

Nepal's largest Political Parties top leader has agreed upon returning their soldiers in their own home with an attractive package of Income.Out of 33,000 thousand soldiers , UNMIN  has proved has proved only 19500 soldiers as a cerificate to enroll in the Cantonment, and they were settled in different places of the country for a year.Three days ago, the returning process ha sstarted in Cantonment according to the interest of Maoist soldiers.

The war of Nepal(1996-2006), has damaged more infrastructure and above 15,000 common people has died in Nepal in one decade war between Maoist and Government of Nepal,People were badly affected by war,this process will leave a great peace in Nepal within a year.Most of the war affected area of Nepal's children has not able to get schol yet,so aany one can help us for getting them in school for an education.Youth Foundation Nepal has been working in Nepal for maintaining peace in Nepal , so it welcomes to any body for a partnership to work in war affected areas. I am the Founder/Exe-cutive Director of this org since the establishment, so i say a warm welcome to international community for a partnership for maintaning peae in the you can connect with me via or give me a call-+9779849028038

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