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Peace Is Possible Bicycle Tour - Riding around the world to raise Peace Awareness

By Machai St. Rain · May 01, 2015

Crossing Zambezi River into Zambia <span>&copy;  </span>

Crossing Zambezi River into Zambia

In a world that seems to be increasingly violent I feel the call to remind myself and others that Peace Is Possible.  As we organize and educate ourselves we can see REAL SOLUTIONS are available for Peace on every level from personal peace to world peace.

As of May 2015 I've ridden about 8,000 miles - through 13 countries stopping at countless schools being hosted by people and organizations where I speak and/or do concerts which bring people together to envision what a peaceful world looks like and how we can create it day by day in our lives.

When I travel by bicycle I meet a random cross-section of society…just whoever happens to cross my path.  If I did a “Peace Tour” where I just travel around in a vehicle and invite people to a “peace concert’ or a ‘peace talk’ only people who already believe in peace would come…I’d be ‘preaching to the choir’…I love that bicycling gives me the opportunity to stop and talk to a lot of different people along the way, and creates opportunities for interviews that reach beyond the borders of the current peace community.  I think this spreads the message of peace to a broader spectrum of society.

I also feel that a bicycle tour also makes a meaningful point that this is a very small planet…so small I can ride my bicycle around it…to slow down and appreciate this amazing planet is one way to begin to feel peaceful, and slowing down is always available to us.  Every breath is an opportunity to become aware.  Breathe a little deeper and immediately feel relaxation in your body.

You can find out more about my tour and where I am at www.feelpeacenow.org .  I am also on Twitter @feelpeacenow and Facebook at Peace Is Possible Bike Tour

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Coach Emily wrote about 4 years ago

I'm inspired and so grateful for your dedication to spreading peace in this beautiful way.  Thank you Machai for being such a stunning face of peace and for all that you do and who you are!  Blessings of peace, Emily

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