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Special Times: Windows Into the Soul

By Deri Ronis · September 28, 2015

A good shot! <span>&copy; Professional Photographer </span>

A good shot!

This article was inspired by the Pope's visit to the United States.

For those of you who don’t know, I teach ESOL, (English to Speakers of Other Languages). My first love of learning resulted in a Bachelor of Science in Bilingual Educational Studies. Life doesn’t surprise anymore since I moved to Sarasota, FL. Who knew that all my texts I saved from when I taught ESL at Lynn University over two decades ago would come in handy yet again. Life is like that, as long as we are open.

Back to the Pope visiting the U.S. and speaking to Congress for the first time in history. To boot, he addressed thousands in the Capital on Yom Kippur, September 23, 2015.

I again reiterate that there are no accidents. I suggested to my adult learners that we watch the Pope’s talk because they are all immigrants just as the current Pope is from Argentina. (My grandparents hailed from four different countries.)

It was wonderful for them to see him reading in English, with all of his difficulty; he did it, an inspiration, the same way it is for them to speak English or for me when I speak in other languages such as Spanish and French.

One of my students from Italy and I both said and felt that the current Pope reminds us of St. Francis of Assisi. Everything he spoke about is all too true regarding our common plight as humans and how we must all work together to make our world livable, sustainable, and available to future generations. It is clear to me that even with a Doctorate; no one has all the answers.

However, together, with all of our collective knowledge and wisdom we do have untold opportunities waiting to be discovered and implemented.

Think about that every time you get into your car, which you most probably take for granted, for there was a time when humans traveled by horse. Think about that every time you drive your car over a bridge and wonder how did humans figure that out, or fly in a plane or send humans to outer space. Get the picture?

The goal, as the Pope was alluding to, is not to do any of this for profit. I often wonder what our world would look like if we just exchanged services and didn’t need money.

Remember there was a time when people traded their goods? As many wise authors have advised, there has to be something else besides money that motivates you. True, in our culture, money affords you the opportunity to do things;

But at what cost?

In closing, I return to theme of fear from last week’s blog. Tara Brach’s book on Radical Acceptance in Chapter 7, Opening Our Heart in the Face of Fear states, “Fear tells us we are in danger, and then urgently drives our mind to make sense of what is happening and figure out what to do… Facing fear is a lifelong training in letting go of all we cling to – it is a training in how to die… In time, we find that we can indeed handle fear, including that deepest fear of losing life itself.”


Dr Deri Ronis, PH.D.


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