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My Hussaini Mission for Peace

By Sadaf Shahid · November 11, 2015

2nd Annual Women's Martyrs of Karbala Conference <span>&copy; Geo News </span>

2nd Annual Women's Martyrs of Karbala Conference

My name is Sadaf Shahid and I work as a peace activist in Washington DC metro area. By organizing traditional events to commemorate historic events, I try to bring communities closer. I use this forum to talk about unity, peace, tolerance, and to respect humanity. I try to arrange interfaith forums to educate tolerance and love in illiterate population around the globe. My aim is to bring people on a forum to unconditionally love each other and to spread this message to those part of the world where religious extremism is prevailing. Being a woman I feel more responsibility on my shoulders to educate women to raise our generation with an absolute understanding of love, peace, tolerance and humanity.

For all these initiatives my role model is Hussain ibn Ali. He was a 7th century revolutionary leader who made the ultimate sacrifice for social justice in the face of corruption and tyranny. He gave a peaceful message of Islam and showed the true face of struggle against injustice and non-violent resistance, not taking life but sacrificing your life for peace. In Washington metropolitan area I arrange an annual women's conference to commemorate the sacrifices of Hussain for the humanity, peace and justice. I would like to spread this message to the masses and to bring the progress world over

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