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Peace on Earth Can Be a Reality

By Nader Boulberhane · December 22, 2015

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My name is Nader Boulberhane. I am a teacher in China. One day at work a colleague  informed me that he had to teach a lesson on Peace and Religion. The core of the preliminary plan was on how Martin Luther King Jr. followed Gandhi's teaching that the removal of conflict does not equal peace. My colleague felt very nervous before this lesson, for he felt that in China, Gandhi's view of peace was not identical to Chairman Mao Zedong's view of peace, and he felt the Chinese students wouldn't want to discuss it.

Another colleague joined the discussion and explained that he had earned his degree in Conflict Resolution Analysis. He explained that during his studies they learned how peace was impossible, so instead, they learned the most efficient ways on how to resolve conflicts. In an instant, I felt a shadow fall upon our discussion.

I had one friend that was concerned about discussing ideals of peace with his students, and I had one colleague that felt peace was impossible. I might not have an answer for everything, but in my heart, I still believe that Peace on Earth is possible, for one only has to look beyond our outer selves and see that there is only one humanity. There is only one world, and there is only one us. Love is real, and regardless of which political icon's views you choose to follow, love can be found in the heart of every human being. Human compassion is real. Harmony is real. 

The ideal of Peace on Earth is difficult to accept. It might be difficult to achieve, but I refuse to believe for one second that one cannot strive toward this wonderful ideal. Even if in my lifetime, I cannot see the world with complete Peace on Earth, I will hope that by the end of my life, I will look back on a lifetime of bringing love, compassion, and harmony to as many as possible. I hope that all of my fellow humanity will find peace in their minds and in their hearts as well. It can begin with you and me. It begins with us.

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