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Peace through doctrine of Martial Arts

By Hakan Haslaman · March 22, 2012

cooperation with AMAROK Hakan Haslaman & MAA-I Bernd Höhle <span>&copy; </span>

cooperation with AMAROK Hakan Haslaman & MAA-I Bernd Höhle

My name is Hakan Haslaman and I’m the founder of the Martial Arts System AMAROK which is international recognized.
With study of Martial Arts, I learn to have a big respect of Peace for all Nations, Cultures and Religions. I understand that the deep doctrine of Martial Arts is one of the biggest medium to become Peace in the spirit and life. Martial Arts is not only a system to fight and use power to hurt others or to defend yourself. Martial Arts is an art, which builds balance in the body and mind, which helps to understand a deeper sense of culture and tradition. Martial Arts builds a community of different nations and religions to one unit in this world and shares collective interest mutually. It helps to handle others in respect, discipline and harmony. Every Soke and Grandmaster are at the top of this knowledge quest, but also once began the steps of a study. Our Mission in this project is to respectfully collect the stories of Soke and Grandmasters relating to how Martial Arts have impacted their opinion of its contribution to Peace of the World and to share this with everyone. We want show how Martial Arts are so much more than just a fighting sport. The contribution of the Grandmasters valuable insight will bestow a great honor to us and will further benefit the peace and understanding of mankind over the world.
Every internationally recognized Soke and Grandmaster are welcome to be a part of this project and to support us with their story for our website and book.

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