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By Prof.Fani Bhusan Das · April 10, 2012

My Face of Peace is my Mother who taught me through love to develop relationship with self and all others in the world for a peaceful living and to spread the fragrance of peace all around. I remember her sacrifice for me and  for the humanity as a whole.One day, during 2nd World War when there was heavy bombardment going on all around us, she took me in her lap and told me to look at her eyes  in stillness  to embrace peace.Eye-to Eye contact between us activated my peace energy and gave me strength to bravely face the violence taking place outside our house. She told me that mother-child relationship is the relationship of PEACE which is the foundation of  individual family and will lead to global peaceful human family.The words of my mother are printed in my mind and continue to guide me till my death.Her words ignited me to be at "inner peace" and to think and act with peace for a peaceful society. FACE OF PEACE CAN ONLY BE THAT OF MOTHER AND NO BODY ELSE.

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